Purchase Confirmations

If you have registered for any of our challenges or purchased one of our programs, you will receive a confirmation and/or welcome email shortly after purchase. Sometimes, it may take a little while for your purchase to filter through all the steps in our system and get your account set up. However, it is rare that this would take more than 30-45 minutes.

Why Didn't I Receive My Welcome Email?

There are many reasons why this may happen, a few examples of these include:

  • There may have been a typo in your email address when you registered.
  • The email may have landed in your spam/junk folder.
  • You may have purchased with a payment option, like PayPal, that is different from the email you registered with.
  • You may have previously "unsubscribed" to our emails and will have to "reconfirm" your address.
  • Our message may have "bounced" from your inbox due to a flag from your email provider.

Here's What You Can Do

  1. Make sure you've waited at least 30-45 minutes to give our system time to process your order and deliver you confirmation and/or welcome email.
  2. If you paid with PayPal, check the email account linked to your PayPal account, as that is most likely where the email will be sent.
  3. Check your junk/spam folder to make sure it was not filtered there. If it was, then be sure to move the email to your inbox.
  4. Add our email addresses to your contacts or your "Whitelist" so this does not happen again. Here are some of our most common email addresses to "whitelist" or add to your contacts

If you need help with how to whitelist our email addresses, just click HERE for step by step instructions.

What If I Still Can't Find My Email?

If you do not find your emails after taking these steps, don't worry, our team is here to help you get things resolved, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach out to us one of two ways:

  • Live chat (click the "chat" button on the bottom right of the screen)
  • Email (click the "contact" button on the top right of the screen)

Our customer support team will be happy to research your account and resolve the issue so that you will get the important messages about your product.

Reach Out To Our Support Team In Live Chat Or Email!

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