Kingdom Options Trading Information

When you join 100X Kingdom Options Trading You will have access to the following things.


100X Expansion APP

100X Expansion Facebook Group

Requirements for joining: You do need to purchase the course and start a brokerage account.

These are the brokerages we recommend:

TD Ameritrade


Interactive Brokers For our International Members

You will also need to connect your brokerage account to the Think or Swim Application.

Download the Desktop version onto your computer.

If you have any issues downloading Think or Swim desktop to your computer you will need to call them at 1-866-839-1100 or email them at

Before you log into your think or swim account make sure:

  • switch the button to PAPER MONEY. We are not trading real money yet.
  • Use high contrast dark
  • choose font size if there
  • change memory storage to 64X1536

You can find detailed instructions on how to set that up in the 100X Kingdom Options Trading within the 100X APP.

The minimum financial requirement for trading options is $2000. However, we all are starting off with paper trading so it gives you some time to save for that $2000. Add it to your brokerage account as soon as you are able.

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