Access Your 100X App On Your Desktop

We know that sometimes using a desktop or laptop computer can provide a better viewing experience when going through your program curriculum, attending live training calls, and watching the replays.

That's why we also have a desktop version of your 100X App.

Now you can choose to connect with us on the go through your mobile device or from the comfort of your home (and enjoy the bigger screens your computer provides).

How Do I Log In To My 100X App On My Computer?

In order to access your 100X App from a desktop or laptop computer, simply visit and sign in to your 100X app account there with your user name and email.

What If I Don't Remember My User Name Or Password?

Your user name will be the email you registered your program account with and your password will be the password you selected when you set up your account.

With so many passwords to remember, it's not uncommon for one or both of these to get lost or forgotten. If that happens to you, don't worry, we've got automated assistance available to help you get this resolved right away.

Follow these steps to reset your account.

Step 1: Enter the email address you registered your account with and click "Find My Account."

Step 2: Once You Have Located Your Account, Enter Your Password and Click "Sign In."

Step 3: If Your User Name or Password Are Not Recognized, Then Click the "Forgot Password" or "Try Another Email" button.

Step 4: If you are still unable to access your account after completing the above steps, then please click the black "Need Help? Contact Support" button and our team will be happy to help you get your account reset.

We hope you will enjoy the ability to access your 100X program materials through your 100X App in both the mobile and the desktop versions.

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