Certified Kingdom Entrepreneurship Program Details

In the Kingdom Entrepreneurship Program, you'll embark on a transformative journey guided by Pedro's 6 Stake Framework, laying the groundwork to launch, grow, and expand your unique Kingdom Assignment.

We'll go deep into the core principles of the "inner game", including heart healing, kingdom revelation, and renewed mind, alongside practical strategies for the "outer game," where you'll discover how to identify your field of favor, craft compelling offers, and effectively market your products or services.

By the end of this program, you'll have the unique opportunity to become a Certified Kingdom Entrepreneur, equipped to not only thrive in your own ventures but also empower others through our affiliate program and local events playbook, fostering a community of disciples in the realm of kingdom entrepreneurship.

What's included in the Certified Kingdom Entrepreneurship Program:

  • Step-by-Step Course On How to Start & Promote Your Own Valuable Offer Based On Your Expertise using our 100X 6-Stake Framework™. Even if you don’t have a business idea just yet, AND even if you’ve never run a business before. 
  • Weekly Training and Implementation Call with Pedro—get ALL of your questions answered, so you NEVER get stuck and can keep moving forward at all times with the program curriculum.
  • ​​Daily Prayer Calls—to seek God’s guidance on your finances, business, and family.
  • ​​​Access to a Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs—network with and support other entrepreneurs building their kingdom.
  • ​​How to Host & Run 100X Events Training— so you can reach, serve, and impact MORE lives than ever before.
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