Challenge Secrets Masterclass with Pedro Adao & Russell Brunson

Inside of the FREE 5 Day Challenge Secrets Masterclass, Pedro Adao & Russell Brunson reveal how to launch, grow, or scale any business (online or off) using challenge based marketing and a "challenge funnel"!

This may be the ONE and ONLY funnel your business needs, even if you are horrible at marketing!

How Can I Join The Free Challenge Secrets Masterclass with Pedro Adao and Russell Brunson?

You can learn more and join the FREE 5 Day Challenge Secrets Masterclass by visiting 

This masterclass runs Monday through Friday 12 PM Eastern Time

Is the "Challenge Secrets Masterclass For Me And My Business?

Yes! This "Challenge Secrets Masterclass" is especially for you if ...

  • You've tried all the marketing things like posting free content, blogging, podcasting, lead magnets, and maybe even webinars with little to no results.
  • You're totally new to all of this and suck at marketing. (Hint: YOU don't “suck”... but maybe the funnel you're using isn't a right fit for your offer and audience...)
  • ​You started a ClickFunnels account but haven't built a funnel as yet and don't know where to start...
  • ​You think a challenge funnel wouldn't work for you because you believe your business is “different”...

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then YES, this FREE 5-Day Challenge Secrets Masterclass is 100% for you.

What Do I Get With The Free Challenge Secrets Masterclass?

Day 1: What Is A "Challenge Funnel" (And Why Is It The Only Funnel Your Business Needs)?

On day one of the Challenge Secrets Masterclass, we’re going to show you:

  • ​Real-world “challenge funnels“ working today
  • Why challenge funnels are the KEY to converting ice cold traffic into die hard fans
  • ​Why THIS funnel is essential for ANY business!

Day 2: Irresistible Challenge Offers

On day two, we are going to show you the 3 types of irresistible offers you can make to your challenge participants

(Hint: This works incredibly well even if you don’t yet have your own product or service).

Special Guests:Tresa Todd and Bari Baumgardner

Day 3: Creating An Irresistible Challenge

What makes your “challenge” stand-out among the rest? What makes your “challenge” irresistible?

There may be other challenges out there... but most are doing it WRONG.

On day three, we’ll show you how to design, layout, and structure your challenge the RIGHT way, as well as nail down your challenge’s “big idea,” attracting the leads you WANT!

Day 4: Challenge Traffic Secrets

On day 4, we’re going to show you how to fill up your challenges for free with one super simple and proven organic traffic secret PLUS one powerful paid traffic secret for those of you that are ready to scale.

Special Guest: Richmond Dinh

Day 5: The Secrets to Selling While Serving

On the fifth and final day of the challenge, we’ll show you what and how to teach in your challenge so your participants feel well served and excited about moving forward with you and your offer.

This is especially for you if you struggle with feeling sales-y when trying other “pitching” methods.

Special Guest: Dean Graziosi

Bonus Day 6: Crush It With Challenges

Want to see MORE real-world examples of challenge funnels, including case studies?

Then don’t miss the bonus day! This is a great opportunity to see how challenge funnels work in today’s market and for all different types of entrepreneurs and niches.

Special Guest: John Parkes


If you registered for the VIP sessions of the Challenge Secrets Masterclass, then your VIP Sessions will begin immediately after the free masterclass.

You will use the same link to view your VIP Session as you do your main session.

If you have questions regarding the VIP offer or logging into your Clickfunnels 2.0 30-day trial offer, please email

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