When Are The Kingdom Real Estate Investor Training Calls?

Kingdom Real Estate Program includes bot a self-paced and robust curriculum complete with 4 video courses on Real Estate mastery and a weekly coaching + Q&A call with our team of successful and experienced real estate investors.

Kingdom Real Estate Investor weekly training calls + Q&A calls happen every Wednesday.

  • Currently, our Weekly Calls are held at 11 am PT on Wednesdays.
  • Starting June 19, 2024 Weekly Calls will be held at 9 am PT on Wednesdays.

Call Schedule thru June 12, 2024 (11 am PT Wednesday)

New Call Schedule Starting June 19, 2024 (9 am PT Wednesday)

Make a note that we will begin a new call schedule starting June 19, 2024. Our Kingdom Real Estate Investor weekly calls will move to Wednesdays at 9 am PT.

How To Join The Kingdom Real Estate Investor Zoom Calls?

You can find your links to join the weekly calls in several places, including reminder emails and your 100X App.

Please look or a reminder email in your inbox about an hour before the training start time each week. You can always join your weekly training call using that link.

From Your 100X App

  1. TODAY Tab (just tap the button that says "Join Zoom"
  2. REPLAY Tab (just tap the thumbnail for the call at start time and you'll find the zoom button right there under the video).
  3. EVENTS Tab (just tap the event you want to attend and the zoom link is right inside)

If you can't join zoom, then you can watch or listen live directly from the app as all of our calls are livestreamed in real-time to the app (unless there's a tech gremlin on the loose that day). 😁

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