Kingdom Seeker Membership Changes

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Please watch this important message for you:


Your 100X 2.0 membership gave you an additional 12 months of Kingdom Seekers Access.

If you already had a Kingdom Seekers membership or purchased 100X 2.0 you qualify for:

  1. Monthly Membership Members: the gifted additional months are from APRIL 2023 - MARCH 2024. This means you would have been charged in March and now won't be charged again until April 2024.
  2. Annual Membership Members: the gifted additional year is from January 2024 - December 2024. Your next annual charge will be in January 2025.


  1. Are you wanting to switch your plan from monthly to annual? Submit request.
  2. Cancelation requests must be made by submitting a ticket to customer support or automatically going through the King Solomon bot. We will send you a cancellation survey, and upon completion, if you still want to cancel, process your request.


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