Kingdom Seekers App Issues

Our apologies for any inconvenience with attempting to view your Kingdom Seekers content on the web or the mobile app. Here are the top reasons why you may be experiencing issues:

If you're seeing this error “Not allowed to view dashboard”:

To avoid this issue, please ensure you are logging into this link :  This should eliminate any error of attempting to access the internal admins dashboard.

If you're seeing this error: "Please enter a valid email address"

To troubleshoot this issue, please use the same email address where you receive your Kingdom Seekers emails.

Try to copy and paste the email address from your email account, as opposed to typing it in, small errors in typing can easily be missed like a space, a comma instead of a period, or an n instead of an m for the ‘com’.

Also, another way to fix it is to use all lowercase letters and ensuring there are no spaces.

Other ways to solve App Issues:

We do understand that sometimes it can be challenging to use apps. Here are a few ways to fix the issues you are facing:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

2. Check the details of the device you use, including the model, not just the operating system type.

Here is additional support based on phone type:



If those don't solve your issue, please fill out THIS FORM to let our app team know what you are experiencing.

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