Connecting A Confirmed Sale

Pedro has been so generous with his affiliate program because he wants you to succeed in your business. It states in your affiliate agreement that we are unable to manually connect purchases to affiliates.

If Pedro has ever marketed to your customer and they are already on our list, you will not receive any affiliate commission on those sales. As well, sometimes customers click on someone else's link throughout the duration of the challenge or when they made their purchase (typically someone who had paid for ads on Facebook).

We understand that it can be frustrating to lose a sale due to someone else's ads, but we ask our affiliates to keep in mind that this is how standard affiliate programs function and that is why we lined this information out in the terms of the new program.

We have specifically rolled out this new program to be as fair to our affiliates as possible with the best tracking available. With this higher-tech tracking, it means that we can no longer track down and manually link purchases.

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