Common Zoom Issues

Why can't I get into the Zoom breakout rooms?

There will be breakout exercises and team activities as part of the Challenge. Our team will automatically place you into a separate breakout Zoom room for these exercises and activities. If you have joined using a Chromebook or Chrome OS, you cannot join breakout rooms and miss this integral part of the Challenge. We encourage you not to use a Chromebook or Chrome OS for this Challenge.

My Zoom isn't working. How do I uninstall it to reset it?

If Zoom isn't working for you, we often find that uninstalling and reinstalling it helps. Here is an article on how to do that.

My iPhone isn't loading to Zoom; what do I do?

Please go to your phone's web browser settings and ALLOW pop-ups.

Make sure you have the Zoom App downloaded on your phone. These two steps will allow your iPhone to load Zoom.

Will there be Zoom backgrounds that we can use for the challenge?

Zoom Backgrounds will be available on the Dashboard for you to download and use throughout the Challenge.

Why can't I get my Zoom video to work?

Although Zoom videos don't work for many reasons, we find this article very helpful to our customers.

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