How Do I Access To My Challenge Secrets Intensive Training Program

If you purchased the Challenge Secrets Intensive training program through the Challenge Secrets Masterclass, then your training materials are hosted on our Click Funnels platform and you will find your course there.

When you signed up, you should have received a Welcome Email with all of the information you need to access your course curriculum, bonuses, and the program facebook group. Please search your inbox for this message, if you don't see it then please check your spam/junk folder and whitelist our emails.

Steps To Help You Log-In To Your Challenge Secrets Intensive Training Program.

#1. Click HERE to log in to Challenge Secrets Intensive

#2. Enter the email address you used when you purchased the CSI program.

#3. Click the continue button or click "sign in with password" if you have already set up a password for your account.

#4. Check your email for the link. It will be from Pedro Adao with the subject line: "Pedro Adao - Magic Link Request" and should look something like this in your inbox...

#5. Open the email and click the "LogIn Now" button inside of the email.

#6. You should be directed to your Challenge Secrets dashboard from this link. Now you can begin your training and get started "crushing it with challenges" in your business.

What If I Took All These Steps And It Still Didn't Work?

If you took all of the steps above and it still did not work, then there could be a number of reasons such as:

  • There could be an issue within your click funnels account that is blocking or restricting access. Please reach out to click funnels support at first.
    • If they are unable to assist you then please feel free to click the "chat" button at the bottom right of this screen to chat with a member of our support team.
    • If you are contacting us after hours, you can click the "contact" link in the top menu to send us an email.
  • You may have purchased Pedro's stand-alone Challenge Secrets Course and not the full CSI program. If that is you, then your course may be housed on our 100X training platform. Please reach out to our customer support team for assistance with this.
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